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How to find out the fish setting machine

by wordpress on 05/05/2017


At least there are several ways to mark / avoid fish gambling shooters that have been set. Fake fish shooting machines don’t only exist on land gambling, which is usually played at a casino, in online fish shooting bets also have things like that. It’s a pity not if you accidentally play on online gambling machines that have been set / fake? Well for that below we will provide information about the characteristics that must be avoided when playing online fish shoot gambling.

– Fish shooting machines always have a Jackpot.

The first thing you must know is, that in pure fish shooting gambling must have a jackpot, while the fake can be said to not have a jackpot, and if any jackpot is very impossible to get. Of course this is the core of the members’ game, as we know that if we get the jackpot, of course we will get very fantastic profits.


– The machine is rarely touched

If you often play land gambling, of course you will understand about this. Yeah Right, there are some fish shooting gambling machines that are rarely touched even to dust, not without cause the machine is deserted by players. Maybe other players think the machine does not provide hockey and profit, but it would not hurt if you try, so try only a few times.


– Striking engine display

Indeed there is no harm if a fish shooting machine is less attractive, well that’s a trivial thing that is usually thought by gamblers. But do you know that the look of the machine is also one of the characteristics of a fake fish shooter game? Now if a fake online fish shooting machine would usually be very conspicuous, why? In order to attract the interest of customers / gamblers because there are no jackpots inside, at least the machine will be made as attractive as possible.