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Barcelona House Price July 2015

by Jérôme Marien on 02/02/2016
Barcelona House Price July 2015

On 31 July 2015 the price of sqmt of residential properties second hand increased by +0.4% in one monh on average in Spain and + 0.6% on Barcelona (source: Idealista).

On year over year trend, the price of sqmt in Spain is still declining (-1.2%) but Barcelona, ​​prices have increased by + 6.2% in the last 12 months to reach: € 3,313 /m2 in July 2015.

In Barcelona, ​​the drop in prices after the 2007/2008 crisis was -30.4%: from € 4,732 / m2 at its maximum at € 2,957 / m2 has its minimum. Today, the recovery is + 11.4% since the minimum.

prix m2 barcelone _2
(Evolution of the price by sqmt, Barcelona Source: Idealista)

The prices are still very attractive in Barcelona, ​​the recovery will not be fast, the Investors therefore have the time to make their choice.

Economic indicators are now green in Spain with a GDP growth 2015 revalued upwards at 3.1%.

This new economic cycle cannot be clearly seen due to the high level of unemployment (22.5% of the population) and the lack of household liquidity.

However the number of domestic buyers of residential properties is increasing. Home loans (May 2015/2014) have recorded an increase of +10.9% which is a clear sign of recovery.  The number of job seekers  is also descreasing:  -8.3% over the last 12 months.

17% of residential buyers in Spain are foreigners. The first buyers are from UK, then comes

French, Germans and Belgians.

If you wish to invest in Barcelona or Sitges, please contact us.



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