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Oxis en la Prensa

El Español – 21/11/2015 Oxis entre los 5 mayores de Airbnb – “Todo empezó en 2007 en San Francisco cuando dos amigos no eran capaces de pagar el alquiler. Tiraron colchones hinchables al suelo y ofrecieron alojamiento por 80 dólares la noche. Aquellos amigos se llamaban Brian Chesky y Joe Gebbia y hoy se …

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Barcelona House price January 2016

From December 2015 to January 2016, the price of apartment for sales increased by + 2.2%. In 2015, prices rose almost continuously. In all, prices increased by + 6.3% on 2015. At January 31, 2016, the average price of an apartment for sale on Barcelona was € 3,467 / m2. Here we present the …

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Barcelona House Price July 2015

On 31 July 2015 the price of sqmt of residential properties second hand increased by +0.4% in one monh on average in Spain and + 0.6% on Barcelona (source: Idealista). On year over year trend, the price of sqmt in Spain is still declining (-1.2%) but Barcelona, ​​prices have increased by + 6.2% in …

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Spain Golden Visa Detailed Conditions

The law of 2013 and the amendments of 2014, allows any non-EC foreign investor to get a residence visa for himself and his family, if he invests more than € 500,000 in one or more real estate properties. This VISA is conditioned by a number of obligations detailed in the “law to support entrepreneurs …

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Spain Golden VISA Real Estate

To attract foreign investors , Spain has voted a law in September 2013 to offer a resident VISA for non EU citizens: this VISA is subject to certain conditions. The “law of support to entrepreneurs and internationalization ” (Ley de apoyo a emprendedores y su internationalización) has indeed modified the immigration law. It allows …

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Oxis 10th Anniversary

Today OXIS celebrates its 10th anniversary! Many thanks to all our clients for their constant loyalty.

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